Chrissy’s Island Family is the multi-Deadly and ARIA nominated children’s brand co-created by and featuring the voice of renowned entertainer Christine Anu!

Chrissy’s Island Family tells the adventures of Chrissy and her Tropical Island Blue friends – ‘Samu’ the Wakka Woo Cassowary, ‘Waru’ the magical, mythical 400 year old Turtle and ‘Sisi’ the Giddy Gecko. Christine Anu breathes life into Chrissy and all the other characters through song, dance and adventure, so that children around the world can learn about her rich Torres Strait Island indigenous heritage.

Chissy’s Island Family marks the birth of a new genre in children’s entertainment that is refreshingly Australian. Encompassing publishing, television, merchandise and live shows, Chrissy’s Island Family provides kids with the opportunity to discover and enjoy a very special brand of music and storytelling rich in history and Indigenous Australian Culture.

The first Chrissy’s Island Family album, featuring the powerful vocals of Christine Anu, was released on 4 July 2007 through ABC for Kids Music. With an electric mix of music styles from Pop, to Rock to soft ballads, the album sees Christine summon her own childhood memories and musical brilliance to breathe life into each of the adorable Chrissy’s Island Family characters. Each song, carefully written and developed by Christine and Phil Barton, contains heartfelt messages about the changing world, environment, Indigenous Australia and the inclusion of the traditional Torres Strait language.

To coincide with the release of the album, Christine Anu and her creative partners have developed the exciting Chrissy’s Island Family live stage show. Available for bookings exclusively through Entertainment Store, this colourful and interactive performance brings the adventures of Chrissy and her friends to life with a fantastic blend of upbeat songs and fun stories. Chrissy delights everyone she meets, and kids will love singing and dancing along with her and her island friends whilst learning more about the rich culture of her Torres Strait home.

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