Follow these 3 tips for a picture-perfect smile.

Follow these 3 tips for a picture-perfect smile.

A picture-perfect smile can improve your self-confidence and self-esteem in front of your friends or workmates. That is why everybody dreams of that perfect smile, but having that ideal dream smile is more easily said than done. For your teeth to look good, they must be healthy, so practicing good oral habits and hygiene is fundamental in maintaining your smile. This article will provide you with the top 3 tips you need to keep your dental health and get that picture-perfect smile. It is also important to remember that having healthy gums will also improve your smile. If you need professional dental guidance, you can contact a dentist in Toorak who will be more than willing to give you up to date advice.

Restorative dentistry works

Having damaged or missing teeth can be a challenge since it reduces the beauty of your smile, decreasing your self-esteem. The perfect smile is the first of the beauty tricks everybody should know about. Crooked teeth are pretty common, but can be corrected; if a tooth is missing you can opt for restorative dentistry to correct or replace the missing or damaged one, bring back your natural smile, and help prevent future dental health problems. The main aim of restorative dentistry is for your dentist to treat your cavities and replace the missing teeth. Below are the standard restorative options available.

Crowns -A crown is a tooth-shaped cap used to give your tooth structure strength and protection. They serve as a total coverage that will restore the standard size, function and shape of a tooth, returning your perfect smile.

Dental implants-The primary purpose of dental implants is to replace the missing teeth. They consist of two parts: A false tooth and a metal anchor, similar to a dental crown.

Bridges-They consists of full coverage restorations, which cover more than three teeth. If you have had teeth extraction in the past, you can consider getting dental bridges to normalize your smile.

Visit your dentist yearly.

Making an appointment with your dentist once a year will help you maintain the beauty of your smile and treat your oral health problems. If needed you can opt for a whitening every 6 months. Your dentist will be able to use different dental techniques to detect any dental health issues that may be developing or have already set. Oral health issues can be detected and treated. Dodging your visit to the dentist can make your problem worse and more painful with teeth loss as an extreme consequence. Ask yourself if it’s time for you to visit your dentist.

Lifestyle changes

Eating sugary foods like cakes and smoking cigarettes are highly associated with tooth decay and discoloration of teeth. Avoiding this will help protect your teeth from decay giving you that picture-perfect smile. This can be achieved by changing your lifestyle and increasing the consumption of foods rich in calcium like milk. It is also essential to brush your teeth after every meal.


Everybody deserves to be confident with their own smiles. The key element in achieving this is to make sure that your mouth remains healthy all the time. Always ensure that even the slightest oral health problem get medical attention to prevent it from developing into a more severe condition that will affect your teeth and lowering the quality of your smile.