How does a beauty blogger manage Eczema?

How does a beauty blogger manage Eczema?

You could argue that beauty bloggers are more skilled at skincare than the average person because it’s essentially part of their job to maintain beautiful and bright skin. However, their skin suffers from daily exposure to new makeup products and chemicals. One may wonder, how do they manage to keep skin conditions like eczema away? In this article, we have put together all the hidden secrets of top beauty bloggers’ skin care tips and tricks to manage eczema. 

Since taking care of your skin is all about feeling confident, most beauty bloggers invest heavily in their skin care. To find the best-suited product for their skin, they do painstaking research and experiment with various dermatological products based on trial and error. But sometimes mixing and experimenting with products triggers acne and rashes, leading to eczema. Eczema for beauty bloggers can be traumatising as it affects their work and confidence. Beauty bloggers with eczema-prone skin have to be very cautious about every product they try on. 

Many beauty bloggers believe that skincare is not a routine but a lifestyle. The first step in treating eczema and preventing inflammation is taking care of sensitive skin. These self-care techniques listed above are used by beauty bloggers to lessen irritation and soothe itchy skin.

Moisturising skin twice a day

The best dermatitis cream or combo of items is used by bloggers. To moisturise their skin, the majority of bloggers also use bath oils, lotions, shea butter, ointments, or sprays. It should come as no surprise that top models and beauty bloggers favour products free of scent, alcohol, dyes, and other chemicals that could irritate the skin. Additionally, they advise waiting until the moisturiser has fully absorbed into the skin before moving on to the next step in skincare.

Use a gentle, non-soap cleanser

An anti-dye, anti-alcohol, and anti-fragrance cleanser is a staple among beauty bloggers. Natural oils on your skin can be washed away by harsh cleansers. Furthermore, it’s important to thoroughly rinse the cleanser.

Invest in a humidifier

The itching and flaking of sensitive skin can be made worse by the hot, dry indoor air. To increase the moisture in the air in your house, beauty bloggers advise purchasing a portable humidifier for your room.

Treating stress and anxiety

Beauty bloggers are aware that emotional disorders like depression and stress can make skin conditions like eczema worse. So, recognising stress and anxiety and taking steps to improve your emotional health may also benefit your skin.

No scratching

Instead of scratching an itch, beauty bloggers with eczema-prone skin recommend pressing on or patting the area. If you find it difficult to resist itching, cover that particular skin area. Additionally, it’s a good idea to maintain neat nails.

Most beauty bloggers believe that little lifestyle changes can have a great impact on your eczema-prone skin. While some bloggers may advise home remedies, it is always better to stick to dermatologically tested and proven products. An overall healthy lifestyle combined with the best dermatitis products might help you achieve flawless skin just like your favourite beauty blogger!