How to Wear and Pair Your Pearl Earrings

How to Wear and Pair Your Pearl Earrings

“Pearls are always appropriate” is a famous saying of Jackie Kennedy. Looking back, through the history of contemporary jewellery, there is one piece that is always current, classic, and modern at the same time and goes with a variety of styles: the pearl. With their unique and elegant look, pearls are an accessory that every woman should own.

Although it may not seem like it, the connection goes back a long way. Playing at matching grandmother’s pearls, wanting to look like Coco Chanel, and many other looks are just what inspired every woman to look for pearls. Something is enchanting about these luminescent gems, their beauty captures the imagination differently and unexpectedly, contrary to the brilliance of cut gemstones. Pearls are simply unique. Their uniqueness is above all trends, making them suitable for every skin tone, hair colour, eye colour and even personality.

Far from being forgotten, pearls are nowadays, like silver and gold, a fashion trend, so it is essential to know how to wear and pair your pearl earrings, to style your outfits and make them unique. Pearls can be worn at any age, and still look contemporary, by using these simple rules. Their simple, yet elegant look makes pearls good accessories for the office, in the evening and even when running everyday errands.

Here are some tips and recommendations:

  • Single earrings are a must. They add personality to any outfit, no matter how bland it may seem. Look for models that are combined with gold metals with minimalist lines.
  • Long or cascading pearl earrings are versatile and beautiful. Although they lend themselves more to special dresses or evening settings, try pairing them with daytime pieces such as a romantic blouse or an outfit with a lapel jacket or bomber jacket.
  • The classic teardrop-shaped pearl evolves towards more organic and imperfect silhouettes that give elegance to the most special outfits with a touch of modernity, they will give a nice frame and definition to your face
  • Ball-shaped pearls in different sizes are still on the rise, especially in the most dramatic earrings. Set the trend with a pair that incorporates two balls, one of them in gold or gold-plated metal.
  • The more rebellious version of pearls is worn in the ear cartilage or covering the entire earlobe. Just go for the ear cuff concept and pearls can radically transform the most classic of looks.
  • Furthermore, traditional hoop earrings are dressed up with mini pearls to add drama to everyday looks.
  • For a minimalist look, choose white pearls or black spherical pearls. This choice will give you a refined look, perfect for the office, a night out or a trip. Wear them with a monochromatic outfit.
  • Pearl earrings look even better and will be the star of your look if you tie your hair up in a bun or ponytail.

If you liked these ideas and want to change your style and be fashionable, don’t think twice and buy pearl earrings in Melbourne at the best jewellery store. Be encouraged to enhance your beauty and glamour with a perfect accessory for any occasion.