7 Fun Ways To Style Your Sterling Silver Rings

7 Fun Ways To Style Your Sterling Silver Rings

Golden and silver are the two most sought-after colours in jewellery that go well with any kind of outfit, irrespective of its colour. If we talk about silver, then it is a piece of eternal jewellery that never goes out of style.

If you have even a little fashion sense, then also you can rock your look with giant statement silver necklaces or minimalistic silver pendants. However, its flexibility can confuse you when you try them on. So, to rescue you from this situation, ahead are 7 fun ways of styling your sterling silver ring.

1. Make Your Silver Ring Noticeable With Solid Color Outfits

What could be better than wearing a block-coloured outfit that can put emphasis on the stunning silver rings? Well, to make your rings stand out, you must choose the colours that can accentuate the look of the rings. The safe colours to go with them are white, red, grey, black or wine.

2. Pair With Embellished Outfits

Silver rings are always noticeable, even if you deliberately try to hide them. So, if you want to just give a touch of silver jewellery without overpowering your look, then you can go with the simple dainty silver rings and pair them off with heavily embellished outfits.

3. Stacked Silver Rings Are The New Gorgeous

Gone are the days when people used to like keeping it simple. If you want to turn some heads and grab attention towards your rings, then stacked rings will never disappoint you. Stacked rings have become a new style statement for the boho chics.

4. Leather And Silver Are Fireworks Together

Leather gives a vibe of a boss lady. Therefore, you might want to give it a blow of feminine air by pairing your leather jackets, cuffs, boots or belt with serene silver rings.

5. Match The Rings With Other Silver Pieces

It is always a smart move to match your jewellery with other pieces of jewellery. However, you need to do it carefully as you would want to come off too flashy. If your rings are shiny silver with embellishment, then you can match them with a simple pendant. On the contrary, if your silver necklace is heavy, then wear silver rings that have a minimalistic design.

6. Blend The Silver And Gold Rings

People with the conventional approach to fashion might think of blending silver jewellery with gold jewellery as an absurd idea. However, now it can work because ring stack has become a thing. You can wear the silver and gold rings in odd and even patterns.

7. Match Your Nails With Your Silver Rings

If you plan on wearing the sterling silver rings on your fingers, then you should know that people will notice your nails too. Thus, make sure to have your nails game on point. Also, to add extra flair, you can paint your nails with silver colour to match your rings. Or, you can use the block colour technique here to accentuate your silver rings. If you are looking for stunning silver rings, then you can buy silver rings in Australia from here.