Top 6 Fashion Trends on Instagram for March 2019

Top 6 Fashion Trends on Instagram for March 2019

Instagram has hijacked our lives and now it is more than just a social media platform. It is a source that has become an effective tool for marketing, most of the organizations are using it to increase the reach and impact of their campaigns. Moreover, it has also become a medium of influence, you can find hundreds of bloggers and influencers who are working to promote positivity and spreading awareness about numerous agendas. Instagram has subsequently affected the fashion industry as well, you will now notice that some of the most popular fashion trends are originating on this application.

Let look at top 6 fashion trends on Instagram for March 2019 and fill up your wardrobe

1.   Handmade boho bags

This summer will be all about boho bags! Whether you get yourself a worn leather or a patterned tapestry or fringe boho bag, you will one of the trendiest girls in town for sure. Don’t feel shy about taking out on your beach trip or your first day at work. It’s not a huge investment as you can easily find affordable handmade boho bags in Australia.

2.   Chunky sole trainers

Flat sole sandals are out of the league in 2019. Instagram is loaded with pictures where most of the models are incorporating chunky sole trainers under jumpsuits to make it bold. Okay, we agree that at first sight, you won’t find them appealing but the comfort it provides is so worthwhile that once you try them out, you will pair them with every outfit. If you are going on a road trip with your friends to explore Australia then don’t forget to wear chunky sole trainers.

3.   Funky Feathers

Celebrate this month with feathers in your dress. It can be seen that most of the people are creating a trendy and classy look with tops with feathers. If you have always been found of feathers then this is it! Shop for some stunning outfit for the next outing this month.

4.   Bold colour suits

This month is about being bold! Let colours enhance the bold personality that you have been hiding for years. Add needed colour to the boring meeting by wearing the trendiest bold suit to it. If you want to hit some concert then you can just wear a coat and pair it up with your old torn jeans or casual shorts it will create a unique and personalized attire for you.

5.   Going all neutral

Even if you are not found of bold colours Instagram still got some classy trend for you this month. Go neutral! Go get all shades of ivory and tan and revamp your wardrobe. The best thing about these neutral colour is that it complements any outfit you wear.

6.   Oval sunglasses

Flashing oval sunglasses on your denim jumpsuit will leave everyone stunned.  If you don’ have the amazing oval shaped sunglasses then it should be on your wish list this year. dress yourself according to trends this year and also create some amazing styles.

You can look out for upcoming Australian designers and even potential trends to keep a track on what is in stock for this amazing year.