Upcoming Australian Fashion Designers to Look Out for in 2019

Upcoming Australian Fashion Designers to Look Out for in 2019

Australian designers have recently gotten much attention and international claim when celebrities started sporting their designs like Kendall Jenner, Black Lively, Bella Hadid, and Meghan Markle. While some Australian designers are getting the international name now, others have been part of every fashion girl’s wardrobe – be it a Hadid or a Heinrich. 

In the fashion world, Australia is becoming the crème de la crème for designers and brands alike and making its waves across the globe. But it isn’t just the world famous designers that we ought to watch out but the upcoming ones who have the fashion world buzzing with their creation. Below we have listed designers to add to your watch list when you are shopping (in no particular order).

Dion Lee

Founded in 2009, it was a hit in Australian markets and became a designer for all. While it may have started its journey in Australia, it is now a celebrated name in wardrobes of international celebrities. The designs are cutting-edge and innovative. Dion Lee designs are said to make women shine in each garment with substance and intelligence. While Lee has the presence in London and New York Fashion, his audience comes from Canada, North America, Singapore and Hong Kong.

“We’ve tried to focus on a more constructed and intelligent approach to design and I think there’s a lot of technical elements in our product that give the brand a point of difference within the market place,” says Lee.

Bianca Spender

Bringing fluidity of draped luxurious fabrics along with sharp and structured tailoring, Bianca brings two contrasting elements to her designs. Before the inception of her brand, she worked in Paris and Milan for world-renowned designers, which has led to her a strong presence not only in Australia but on the international scale as well.

“I want to give people the freedom to find their own voice,” says Bianca about her designs.


Started as luxury knitwear and designs in 2004, Jacqueline Hunt and Lisa ‘Jack’ Dempsey, have grace embedded in their clothes. Currently they dress both men and women while still leading their collection in cashmere and yarn. They shone in the international scene when they opened their store in London a few years back.

“We feel our clothes have a sense of quality and ease that translates to anyone,” said Jac and Jack. “Our pieces are wearable and modern and the reaction we have had feels like a genuine connection.”


Strateas.Carlucci designs for men and women can be summed up as sharp and structured. They are one of the few designers who has been able to present their work in Paris Fashion Week as well. The style promoted by the duo results in luxurious fabric sown in a way to add value to the human body.

“I suppose it comes from a respect for the body’s natural shape,” Carlucci said. “The lines are already there for us to work with and embellish.”