5 Tips to Make Sure Every Hens Night Is a Memorable One

5 Tips to Make Sure Every Hens Night Is a Memorable One

Throwing a perfect bachelorette for your favourite soon-to-be-married friend seems all fun and games unless you are faced with billions of hurdles that come in the way of planning a hens’ party in real life. Since it is supposed to be the end of someone’s single and bachelor party life, a hens’ night must be arranged in such a professional manner that the one who is going to start her new life actually takes away a bundle of great memories with her on her new journey.

While there are a lot of amazing deals you can find while searching for hens night packages in Melbourne, a hens night will only be truly joyous if it is planned with great care while keeping a lot of tips in mind. While every girl gang has its own means of having fun and making memories, here are some useful tips from our side that will ensure that every hens’ night you plan becomes for you a night to remember forever.

  1.  Revisit Your Most Fun Memories

If your gang is throwing a hens’ night party for one of the girls from your old school squad, chances are that you share many memories from every stage of your life. The best thing you can do before a hens’ night is to gather all your old pictures and videos somewhere and arrange them chronologically. Simply looking at those will take you on a roller coaster ride of fulfilled emotions and will add greatly to the fun factor of your party.

  • Watch a Hens’ Night Related Movie

There are a lot of funny movies and rom-coms about hens’ night and bachelorettes available online. It is a great idea to watch any of those movies by sparing some specific hours of the night for this particular idea. Bridesmaid fun is always doubled by watching the movies that they can relate too. Don’t forget to grab a box of tissues since such movies, while they may be funny, are going to end up on an emotional note making you a bit sentimental for your lovely girlfriend who will soon be leaving your squad.

  •    Take a Lot of Pictures

No matter how low you are on a budget, do not forget to get customized PJ’s made for a hens’ night and always try to pick a unique dress for your lovely bride to be. Take a lot of candid pictures and pose as much as you want. You will always be immersed in a great joyous feeling after looking at those pictures of yours no matter what stage of life you are at.

  • Do Something You Had Never Before

Now, this might sound like a stupid idea but it is really worth a try. Try to figure out something none of your girls may have ever done no matter how trivial it may be. Cook or do bungee jumping for the first time on the hens’ night together and it will be something to remember forever. Try to make a video of yourself when you are doing it so you have documented imagery to revisit it whenever you want to.