4 Makeup Colors You Have to Try This Summer

4 Makeup Colors You Have to Try This Summer

Summer is that time of the year where people begin to experiment with loads of new things, from accessories to fashion to makeup colours. Summer is when you toss out your old winter wardrobe and get your miniskirts and dresses out for the beautiful warm temperature. Like with every season, summer to has a few colours that are particular to it and work best. There are a few colours that have recently been trending in the makeup world that you can pair with your favourite outfits.

  1. Hot pink

Hot pink is a colour most women are scared of, especially women of colour. But do not fear it, you should embrace it. It works well as a lipstick and many people tend to support this colour in the summer as it represents summer in some way. It’s fun and gives a more party vibe.  It is something you should definitely try. Pair this with black bold eyeliner and lashes, and you are ready to go and have a night full of fun. If you are on the look for sensitive lashes, then look no further as here you will find quality as well as value for your money.

  • Teal

Teal is again a gorgeous colour that can be very attractive to the eye. Many women again are scared of teal as it is a loud colour and grabs attention. However, the summer is all about experimentation and teal should be one of your go-to colors. Use teal as an under eyeliner for a gorgeous pop of colour. Or you can use it as an eye shadow for a more party look. Many makeup artists also use teal glitter in the centre of the eye to create a glamorous look for an event. Match your teal makeup with either a basic, black or white outfit or go all out and wear neon with it.

  • Orange

Orange is a colour in the makeup world that isn’t used very often and people tend to stay away from it even though it works on all skin types. It is a loud colour that grabs attention and makes you stand out. Wearing an orange lip or orange blush will make you look like a goddess from above. Pair with orange nails or even orange shimmer for a beautiful look.

  • Purple

Purple is a colour that works for everyone. This is because it is a colour that has so many hues. It can get dark with violet and can get light such as lilac. It has a beautiful shade range and looks amazing on everyone. You can get products in purple ranging from lipsticks to nail polishes. You can pair purple with all colours too. For example, use purple as a base shadow for a smokey look on your eye, or add it to the lower lash line for a pop of colour. Use it as shimmer or as a lipstick for a pop of colour.