How is Makeup Tested without Animals?

How is Makeup Tested without Animals?

Animal testing is one of the cruellest things humans could do. For skincare products including makeup, we put innocent and harmless animals in danger and in extreme pain. These animals are a part of our eco-system and help sustain life on Earth; by harming them we eventually harm ourselves. Companies viciously take babies from their mothers and lock them in dark cages for months and month. They use various products on them which cause many harmful effects on them and eventually they end up dying a horrible death. Fortunately, people have become more aware of this and have begun to step up and speak up about this issue. Hence, companies have begun switching to cruelty free makeup which has a much higher demand. Below given are ways how makeup is tested without animals and if it has the same authenticity as testing on animals did.

Hurel Corporation has now come up with a microchip in collaboration with L’Oreal to finish animal testing and use it to test for any sort of allergies that may be present within the makeup or the skin care product. However, a great deal of work is to be done before it is offered to the public for commercial use. The reason given by Hurel for this change of testing is that not only is it cruelty-free rather it also saves a lot of money They say that testing on an animal can go up to at least a 1000 dollars per animal which is small in size. The bigger the animal the more expensive it is. So to cut costs and save animals, using this microchip is the best option.

The company believes that the chip is also needed for ethical reasons, and harming animals should not be okay. They believe that the chip could save up to 25 animal lives, which is a great alternative to animal testing.  They also claim that if humans are smart enough to go to the moon, they are smart enough to test products without endangering another creature in the process.

The way the chip works is that it would be connected to artificial skin and would have the same reaction an animal would have as the chemicals in the makeup or the skincare products are to affect the lymph nodes. When a product is applied to the artificial skin, the chip will enable it to cause a reaction showing if there is the harm in the product for humans or not.

Other than this specific chip, there are many other ways and alternatives to testing makeup or skincare. You could use computer modelling, work with human volunteers, and have human stimulators and more. However, we should consider that animal’s lives are just as important as ours and killing them or putting them in pain does no one good. There is no point in buying products that harm another living thing in the process of its manufacturing.