Top 3 Tips to Choose the Perfect Lipstick

Top 3 Tips to Choose the Perfect Lipstick

Makeup trends always change. But if you know the principles about choosing the right lipstick, you’ll always be stylish and chic. Every woman should have at least one nude in her beauty bag and other colours, which compliment her complexion. So, if you love bright red lipstick or bold orange colours and they suit you, go for it.

Most women have a wide variety of lipstick colours, some that are always used and some which haven’t even been touched. It’s no surprise, because you may have adored a lipstick in the store or when you saw it on a celebrity, but when you tried it on, it just didn’t fit. It’s likely because the colour didn’t match your complexion. So, to prevent this from happening again, here’s a list of the top 3 tips to choose the perfect lipstick colour.

Know Your Undertone

If you know your skin’s undertone, you’ll be able to easily pinpoint the right lipstick colour for you. You’ll find two types of undertones such as yellow, which is warmer and pink, which is cooler. One of the easiest ways to discover your undertone is to look at your veins on your wrists. If they’re blue, and you also look good in blues, greys, and whites, you have warm undertones. But if your veins are green, you have neutral skin undertones (a balance between pink and yellow). This means that any colour lipstick looks good on you.

But don’t make the same mistake my friend did. Although she has a neutral undertone and red lipstick suits her, she looked terrible with the red shade. It’s because she bleached her teeth the night before, but the result was not what she expected. Her teeth turned yellowish and the red lipstick worsened her look. But, luckily enough I saw her before an event that evening and advised her to book an urgent appointment with my dentist at Pure Dentistry. The professional team at the clinic fixed her pearly whites. And when I saw her later sporting her red lipstick, she was shining.

Identify the Perfect Shades for You

When you’re choosing a lipstick colour, you should focus on shades, which match your undertones. Stick to warm colours if you have yellow undertones. And choose shades comprising blue and purple tones if you have pink undertones. But you should stay away from colours with an ashy or pale feel because they’ll create an unflattering look.

Follow Your Skin Tone

To make things easier, you can stick to colours which suit fair, dark or olive skin tones. Most nudes, orange, pink or red shades look amazing if you have olive tones. And to determine your lip shade, you should coordinate with your outfit. If you’re wearing warm colours, choose a warm and bright lipstick. If you have fair skin, you can easily wear deep colours and any type of reds. Stay away from light colours so you don’t look pale. And darker skin tones match deep berry, reds and plum lipsticks. Deep shades look more natural on darker skin tones.