Velvet along with many other fashion trends is back to make your inner fashionista gloom. Velvet is a cloth that can be a bit tricky to style. Do it the right way and you could look like a queen, but do it the wrong way and you can make a fool out of yourself. Velvet represents either pure class or the crazy musician style. Velvet can also give you a unique vintage look as it was in trend back in the 70s. You can use this cloth to dress like a total celebrity. Velvet worn without style and tactic can make you look trashy and cheap. You don’t want that, right? So, follow our following tips to style velvet like a pro fashionista.

Go For Deeper Shades

Velvet is a trickly cloth and it can make you go into doubts. Always go for deeper shades in velvet. This is because velvet gives a very classy look in dark and deep colours. You can never go wrong with deeper shades- it is the safest option. Whenever you find yourself in a doubt, go for dark browns, deep reds, maroon, emerald green or black. Black will change the game completely as it is the most timeless colour when it comes to fashion. However, that does not mean that you cannot experiment. You can also go for lighter colours, but make sure to make other colours compliment that sparkly light velvet piece.

Buy Smooth Velvet

There is nothing else you should aim for except for class when styling velvet. However, crinkled velvet can be the biggest notch when it comes to staying classy. Crinkled velvet can completely ruin your look. No matter how expensive your velvet is, if it’s crinkled, it won’t look stylish. It is always advisable to buy smooth velvet. Smooth velvet will look expensive even if it is not. Whenever, you go velvet shopping, always choose a smooth velvet piece to make you look absolutely timeless.

How to Wear a Velvet Blazer

One of the best ways to look tremendously fashionable is to wear women’s velvet blazer in Australia. Velvet blazers will make you look extremely professional and classy at the same time. You will be considered a beauty with brains. Pairing a velvet blazer with a silk top will give that extra lush feels because both are luxurious fabrics. You can simply replace your regular blazer with a black velvet blazer and notice the difference for yourself. Not only would you look ultra modern, but you will also feel warm and comfortable in velvet.

How to Wear a Velvet Dress?

Velvet dresses have been trending. They were seen on plenty of runways. A velvet dress has the potential to be the star of the night. Velvet dresses with embellishments would make an amazing option for a formal party. Whereas, a plain and simple velvet dress, midi or full, would make you look absolutely classy and timeless for a date night.