How To Match Your Shoes With The Dress

How To Match Your Shoes With The Dress

Are you confused about which footwear to wear with your outfit? Many girls ask this question. But, they still haven’t got the right answer for it. This is because matching your footwear with the dress is not as easy as it sounds.

You must think that all you need is the right colour and you are good to go! Well, there is more to that than just that. So, to figure out the whole truth about matching your shoes with the dress, you need to read the full article.

What Types Of Shoe Matches What Kind Of Outfit?

As already stated earlier, matching the footwear doesn’t end when you get the matching colour. To understand it deeply, you need to understand the types of footwear that go with what kind of dresses.

For instance, peep toes will work best if you are going bare-legged. Pencil skirts, pantsuits or long formal dresses look classic with pumps. Any party wear dress will look good with stilettos. On a daily work basis, small heels can prove suitable for you.

Short dresses look sexy with boots despite the weather. You can even pull off a casual top and jeans look with the right pair of boots.

Slip-on shoes or running shoes pretty much go with any outfit. Bohemian dresses or dresses that fall short just at the calves will look good if you pair them off with Gladiators. Ballerinas or loafers are evergreens that match any outfit.

Let’s Talk About The Colours

Now that you know about different types of shoes and the outfit they sit well with, you are qualified to learn more. Thus as most fashion stylists would say, It’s time to get the colours right!

Black & Nude

Black colour looks good on any type of outfit irrespective of its colour. Thus make sure to have a spare pair of heels in black ready in your closet for emergencies. As for nudes, they work best when you wear an outfit that is heavily designed and has lots of embroideries.

Matching Is Outdated

Instead of focusing on matching your footwear with the outfit, you can look for complementary colours. Those days are long behind where you need to have everything on point.

Match The Footwear With The Accessories

It works just like a beauty tip; enhance the right features. Sometimes you neither have matching footwear nor a complimentary one in terms of colours. In such cases, you can match the colour of your accessories and footwear. Thus, the best attribute you have here is your accessories. Doing so will somehow make your final look put together.

Prints Are In Fashion

Just like nude colour footwear balances out the heavy embellishments on your dress, printed footwear can balance your dull look. For instance, with a plain solid coloured t-shirt and ice blue jeans, you can wear leopard print stilettos that will look refreshing.

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