What To Wear Over A Cocktail Dress To Stay Warm

What To Wear Over A Cocktail Dress To Stay Warm

If you want to wear an attention-grabbing gown, then you can certainly opt for a cocktail gown. The dress looks phenomenal and has just the right touch of classy in it.

Sometimes it happens that you are invited to a formal occasion where wearing a cocktail dress seems like the right thing. But, it seems a bit bold when the weather is cold.

So how can you pull off a cocktail dress in winter while staying warm? The answer is simple; you just have to look for an additional overcoat or jacket that can match your attire. Ahead are some of the options that you can go for to match your cocktail dress.

Jackets- To Pull Off A Boss Lady, Look

To give off the vibes of a boss lady, you can try on a Jacket over your cocktail dress. But make sure that the jacket is not too casual. Also, if it has the touch of fancy embroidery, then it could blend well with your dress. Make sure that the jacket has a three-quarter sleeve.

You can also go with the one that has a design printed on it. The leopard print is the most preferable as it matches with pretty much anything. Another option that works best is any jacket that falls above your waist length.

What Could Go Wrong With A Coat?

Trust us when we say that coat is the safest option when it comes to cocktail dresses. It is so because any long coat is compatible with a long or short cocktail dress. You can leave the front buttons open to show off your dress and stay warm at the same time. Also, as the length of the coat is equal to or more than your dress’ length, it doesn’t look out of place.

So, if you do not have much time to decide on what to wear with your cocktail dress, then throw on a long coat over it. Some of the coats that sit well with cocktail gowns are wool dress coats, boyfriend coats and trench coats.

Look Like A Diva In Fur Wraps!

Of course, beauty is the main factor in pulling off the diva look. But, we are pretty sure that you have got it covered. You can enhance your beauty with a glamorous piece of fur wrapped over your cocktail dress.

Choosing fur adds a dash of luxurious touch to your overall look. Also, you can choose the furs that are white, grey, black or brown in colour. They pretty much match any kind of colour.

Show Off Your Curves With A Shrug

Almost every cocktail dress is designed to accentuate your beautiful curves. However, wearing anything thick over such a dress may steal all its allure. Besides, for decades shrugs have been the best friends for women to wear with cocktail dresses. They are warm, comfortable and stylish. Also, it is one of the few initial rules of women’s wardrobes to always have shrugs that can match anything.

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