7 Things to Know About Pink Diamonds

7 Things to Know About Pink Diamonds

Wherever there is glamour, pink diamonds follow. They have become the most precious gemstone that every celebrity or famous personality wants to get a hold of. It is not a shocker that pink diamonds are the allure of royalty.

Also, they look pristine in every form. But there are some lesser-known facts that people do not know about. So, if you are curious about this gemstone, then read on further to figure out what is it that makes this crystal so special.

1.   Extremely Precious

Pink is a colour that naturally reflects royalty. Now combine it with the most precious gemstone, diamond. The result could be surprising, right? Well, that’s why pink diamonds are mostly considered highly precious as they are rarest among rare. And that’s why they can cost up to hundreds of thousand dollars for one carat only.

2.   Pink Diamonds Are The Rarest

It won’t be wrong to say that pink diamonds are the rarest. Besides, they are found in only a few diamond mines around the globe. The most famous one is Argyle mine in Australia. However, the mine is now depleted. This, in turn, means that the value of a pink diamond is going to increase in the future.

3.   Mysterious Origin Of Colour

While there is a known origin behind the yellow or the blue diamonds, the mystery behind the pink diamond is still unresolved. Nobody really knows what makes the diamonds pink in colour. Therefore, people who like mysterious things are more drawn to them. 

4.   There Are Several Shades Of Pinks

In terms of shades, pink diamonds have an extensive variety. However, the ones with the purest colour are considered to be the most valuable. You can find a hint of pink with the shades such as purple, brown, grey, orange etc. Now, you can buy pink diamond rings online by visiting their page. Here you will find the most astonishing collection of pink diamonds.

5.   Value Of The Pink Diamond Increase With Its Carate Weight

The increase in price phenomena for pink diamonds is surprising. You can buy a 0.50-carat pink diamond for around $50,000. However, when you go to buy a 2-carat pink diamond, it will cost you around $500,000.

6.   Clarity Is Not An Issue For Pink Diamonds

Whenever you buy a gemstone, you look for the clearest one. Therefore, you pay the price for it too. However, as already said before, pink diamonds are the rarest. Consequently, it doesn’t really matter whether they have clarity or not. Also, by choosing the darker shades, you can make the engagement ring look bigger and hide its flaws too.

7.   Pink Diamonds Looks Best With Fancy Cuts

The pattern of cut that you choose for a diamond can either enhance its colour or reduce it. Therefore, when you think about it as a pink diamond, go for the fancy cuts in the shapes like heart, cushion, marquise, triangle or radiant.

Pink Diamonds are also a perfect present to gift your significant other. Just choose the correct shape, and you are good to go!