The Dos And Don’ts Of Choosing The Perfect Bridesmaid Gown

The Dos And Don’ts Of Choosing The Perfect Bridesmaid Gown

A wedding is an auspicious and beautiful moment in one’s life; planning correctly for it is the key factor to making it memorable in a good way. Everything is variable in making it a beautiful moment, from flower arrangements to bridesmaid dresses. It doesn’t matter if you have hired a personal fashion stylist; you still need to keep an eye on little details.

While choosing the bridesmaid dress gown, there are a few things to consider so that each bridesmaid looks her best for the occasion. This guide will present you with some do’s and don’ts that will help you make the right choice to choose the bridesmaid gown for the wedding.

Dos: Consider the neckline

Not all look their best in the same design of clothes. Luckily there are many different varieties of bridesmaid necklines to choose from. A sweetheart, strapless, v-neck and jewel are some of the most profound necklines to choose from. Make sure to have varieties of necklines to choose from so that every bridesmaid can look their best even when they are wearing the same colour.

Don’ts: Make Drastic Change In The Designs

People are using it more and more every day, as the same colour lets you carry the custom while choosing different designs really brings out the best in every bridesmaid. The same design and colour of the dress can make one look prettier than the other, and that can be a bit upsetting for the bridesmaid. A different dress design can put variety to the party, but bridesmaid dresses are about uniformity and should look like that only.

Dos: Consider The Theme

It’s very unsatisfying to look at mismatched colours, especially when the hues don’t belong together. There are many factors to consider while choosing the bridesmaid dress, like whether the wedding is indoors or outdoors, whether it’s a summer event or winter event, and what the venue is. All these factors help choose the right design and tone for the bridesmaid dresses to bring out the place’s visual celebration.

Don’t’s: Forget Accessories

It would not be your fault in all the hush-hush of wedding planning if you forgot about accessories for bridesmaid dresses. Simple earrings and a pearl necklace make a dress look complete and elegant and can be given as wedding day gifts to bridesmaids.

Dos: Choose A Universal Colour

Ok, so when the design of the dress is perfect for each bridesmaid, colour can really mess it up. Consider the skin tone of all bridesmaids, as some colour doesn’t suit everyone the same. Look for a universal shade that does not contrast with other bridesmaid beauty. Your concern should be to have colours in which all bridesmaids look good equally.

Don’ts: Ignore The Measurements

Don’t be oblivious to your bridesmaid’s measurements; measurements are important when choosing the dress for a bridesmaid. Not every bride has the same body, so make sure you get the measurements right so that each dress fits them perfectly.

Dos: Experiment With New Ideas

Adding new features to bridesmaid dresses can be attention-grabbing and uniquely impact the whole arrangement. Adding sheer capes or oversized sashes can really make you stand out from the crowd.


Proper measurements, the skin tone of every bridesmaid, theme and accessories are the key factors that can change the entire vibe of the occasion. Considering all the options before finalising the dress for the bridesmaid can make each bridesmaid look her prettiest. You can shop for some Best bridesmaid dresses from Billy J as they have got just the right collection for your wedding.