Top Bag Trends for Fall 2020

Top Bag Trends for Fall 2020

No outfit is ever complete without a trendy bag by your side. It is one of the most versatile accessories with the power to instantly lift up your confidence. We have seen some happening trends for bags for Fall 2020 which we feel no one should miss out on.

You all really deserve to look like a head-turning beauty at the next big party in town. Let’s see what Fall 2020 fashion forecasts tell us.

  1. Bags with Chain Details

It was really good to see chunky chain details on bags that the models showcased on the runway this year. The chain can either serve the purpose of a strap or it can simply act as a design element. Moreover, there is no hard and fast rule regarding the size or weight of the chain. It can be thin, chunky, long, or short. However you like it!

  • Tote Bags

Tote bags with a simple top clasp seem to be taking over the fashion trend for fall this year. Not only are these bags trendy, but also super functional. And we don’t think this bag will go out of trends anytime soon since totes have always been a classic and staple in most wardrobes.

In addition to this, totes are available in different sizes from small to extra large and at all price points. Really, it is not a very hard-to-find style of bags.

  • Plush and Fur Bags

A lot of you might find the idea of sporting fluffy bags unsettling, but let us tell you it is among the top trends of fall 2020. Such bags are ideal for birthday parties, night out with friends, or even fashion shows. It is truly a beautiful statement that adds the element of fun and quirkiness in your look.

2020 runways have witnessed these bags in pink color, so we believe it is the new in and you must start finding yours and accessorize your outfit with it.

  • Geometric Shapes

We have always been used to the idea of typical-shaped bags, however, the runways are helping us explore new options. Models were seen sporting geometric bags. The shape could be circular, rectangular, or a perfect square. The shapes suit all types of bags ranging from cross body to big bags.

We can’t wait to get our hands on these bags already!

  • Hard Shell Bags

We love how the fashion industry has started experimenting with items as basic as clutches. We have seen an increase in the popularity of hard-shell clutches in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Hard shell clutches are so versatile that you can pair them with up any type of outfit and sport it at any occasion.

With so many trends in front of us, it gets quite hard to get a bag of your choice. However, you can find the trendiest Stella McCartney bag at Harrolds. The entire collection is will make you fall in love with it at first sight. For sure, these bag trends can transform your fashion sense.