Are Sapphire Engagement Rings a New Trend?

Are Sapphire Engagement Rings a New Trend?

Engagement rings are primarily associated with oversized diamonds. They are so much in use that diamonds have become a new normal. And, one thing that lovers dislike the most is the commonness of the present they give to their loved ones. Maybe this is the reason why sapphire engagement rings have recently risen in popularity.

They are blue, elegant and pure. Certainly an ideal choice for lovers to express their love, care and admiration. Besides, it has been found that blue sapphire rings were quite popular and were used as a symbol of love by many lovers in ancient times. It is possible that the old times are making a comeback.

After doing rigorous research on the increasing popularity of sapphire engagement rings we have concluded that there are several reasons behind it, most of which are explained in this blog.

1. Idiosyncratic Design

Unlike the boring designs of diamond rings, you can get creative with the sapphire one. There are so many idiosyncratic designs available for sapphire engagement rings, as this gemstone is usually quite big as compared to the diamonds. Know that we are not implying that sapphire is a better choice, but it certainly is a unique one because of the idiosyncratic designs it has to offer.

2. The Hardest Gemstone

If you get technical, then there is no doubt that diamond is the hardest gemstone. However, after that, sapphires are considered the hardest one. So, you do not have to worry about the longevity of the engagement ring, as you can pass it on to your next generation.

3. Royal Allure

Everyone knows that Prince Charles proposed to princess Dian with a beautiful 18-carat sapphire ring. It was then that everybody started talking about blue sapphire stone. However, it may surprise you that sapphire stones and love declarations go way back in ancient times. People use to pledge their loyalty to their loved ones with their declaration of love through these precious stones.

4. The Serene Blue Color- Purity & Promise

There is no doubt that the serene blue colour of the sapphire stone is attention-grabbing. However, the blue sapphire also signifies the purity of the promise made to a lover. Thus, making it even more serene in literal terms. People who live in art and literature understand the significance of blue sapphire as it is mostly used by lovers who wish to have a union in this life and the afterlife.

5. Inexpensive But One Of A Kind

Sapphire gemstone indeed looks one of a kind. Also, their allure can make you feel as if you are lost in a deep blue sea. Also, with their viability, you might think that they must be expensive. However, that’s not the case at all. Sapphires are quite affordable. Moreover, if you wish to make your ring a little expensive then you can always choose a diamond setting on the edges of a big sapphire stone.

Bottom Line

This could be a perfect moment to say that times are changing and people are more drawn toward what they like rather than what people like. The changing mindset is all the more reason why sapphire engagement rings are trending. The hunger to have something utterly unique is another reason. So, if you are looking for a ring to confess your love, then you can get sapphire and diamond rings at Sapphire Dreams.