Recent break-up? 4 Tips to Forget About Him

Recent break-up? 4 Tips to Forget About Him

Breakups are real and most people will take them hard. After a breakup, most people experience a lot of suffering in the form of stress and depression. They will also start wondering what they did wrong and spend most of their time investigating their emotions and remembering stories relating to the breakup from time to time.

Some will keep stalking their exes on the social media platforms for several months. It is hard to recover from a breakup and the process might take a very long time. But if you have recently experienced a breakup, the following four tips should help.

Do not blame yourself

Stop by crushing the negative impulse. If you have been thinking that you were too clingy or too sensitive, question all the stories you have been telling yourself about the breakup. Many factors contribute to the failure of relationships and you might not be the cause of the breakup. The other person might not have been ready for a real relationship.

Write all your emotions

Your ex is already part of history and stalking on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter will not change anything. Start by writing about why the two of you broke, anything that you think you did wrong and what you believe that you will never do again. Remember to repeat the process for at least 30 minutes each day.

If you can remember some of the things that you did together, such as spending poker nights and the dresses from Billy J might also form a part of your list.Keep in mind that you will be planning to start a new relationship – a better relationship than the previous one. Studies show that individuals who spend their time writing such things feel more confident, calmer and empowered than those who will only write about the negatives.

Mute or block your ex-lover immediately

If you spend most of your time spending the other person, you will find yourself confronting negative effects each time. Set your limits on the number of your ex’s photos you will see and the amount they can see of you. If you do not want to see any of their photos, some applications like KillSwitch will erase their traces from your Facebook account. You should also block them on Instagram – including if it is temporary. However, no matter what you do, you should never create a fake account with an aim of following what they are doing. Orbiting is real and you are unlikely to let the other person go truly. A picture of your ex in an expensive gown commandeering your screen at an unexpected moment might ruin your day or hurt your emotions.

Start embracing your natural sides

Rutgers study has proved that the aftermaths of rejection are more like cocaine withdrawal. You should, therefore, provide yourself with adequate time to free your head from bad emotions. Spend some of your time outdoors, go camping, take hikes and climb a mountain. Generally, people who spend most of their time in nature report better emotions and wellbeing.

Lastly, you should explore the chances of reviving your friendship part. After a divorce, most women make their ex-husbands their best friends. However, you should wait for that to happen naturally. At first, the other person will feel more strongly than you do.