Best Camera and lens For Newbies Fashion Bloggers and Small Business Owners

Best Camera and lens For Newbies Fashion Bloggers and Small Business Owners

If you’re a fashion blogger, and you use a camera to capture your morning routine, then most likely you may already have researched which digital camera is beat suited to capture your lifestyle. You are not alone! Most bloggers are always searching for the camera that can offer impressive results either online or asking their friends. This guide will help you select the best camera and lens for your fashion blogging.


The popularity of mirrorless and DSLR cameras has been increasing because of the social media and there benefits and problems for the two types. Mirrorless cameras are digital cameras with lenses that mount like conventional single-lens reflex cameras and uses digital display systems instead of an optical viewfinder and optical mirror. Mirrorless cameras are both affordable and small.

What to look for when buying a camera for your blogging

–  Size of the sensor

A large sensor comes with many benefits that contribute to higher quality images. Large sensors have low light performance and control over the field depth in addition to colour depth and dynamic range.

–  The depth of field

A shallower depth of field allows the user to capture landscapes and keeping everything in focus. That is exactly what you might be looking for.

–  A dynamic range

Cameras with great dynamic range perform better in higher contrast situations. When shooting dark shadows or bright skies, for example, such a camera would offer great results.

–  Low light performance

Cameras with lower noise allow better photo shooting in case of minimal lighting. Such cameras are ideal when taking photos in dark interiors or at dawn.

–  Megapixels

 High megapixel sensors are important when you need the ability to crop in your images. They are also important when you need large photo prints for your blog.

–  Avoid the built-in flash capability particularly if you are a travel photographer. To get a camera without a built-in flash, you just need to get into the camera shop near you.


After deciding on the camera, you will have to decide on the lenses. In any camera setup, the lenses are vital. Great lenses on decent cameras will always appear great than the kit lens on the highly priced cameras. A great lens can last for many years. Most bloggers go for 50mm lens, but some prefer for the 35mm lens. That can be important when planning to incorporate the environment in all your photos. If you would want to enhance the blurriness of your photos, you should go for lenses with longer focal length.

Tips for purchasing lenses

–  Focus on the contrast, sharpness and the speed

–  Do not focus on huge focal ranges because manufacturers tend to make them cheaply. Lenses with large ranges like 18-200mm are attractive but they are unlikely to provide great images at each of the focal lengths. Generally, the lenses will be slow making it impossible to produce likable bukeh. With such lenses, it can be hard to shoot in a low-light situation.

–  Buy for the future. Avoid the mid-range lenses and go for a lens that you will keep for many years. You can go for the budget lenses like Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 or the Sony 50mm f/1.8 as the starter pack.

If you want to take your blogging photography to another level, you should invest in a DSLR camera. If possible, go for a mid-range camera or get a full-frame camera. The market offers a wider range of lenses to consider in your shopping. You should, therefore, think of what you are planning to offer.